It used to be that museums contained ancient things, but now they can contain one-of-a-kind things like you!

Not as a donor, member, or visitor, but as an actual specimen that could help educate and inspire future students, doctors, and curious minds. You could still be alive (and keep all your body parts)! How cool would that be?

Well, if this is something you would be interested in, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science could make that dream become a reality!

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is engaging the public in an entirely new way, by letting them donate their DNA to become a part of the museum’s permanent collection! As they write on their website, “In this unique lab, volunteer citizen scientists gather population data on taste genetics, and its role in health, by enrolling Museum visitors every day into the current study.” 1

If that wasn’t already cool enough, the museum is also taking on an important (and often overlooked) perspective on the way we talk about humans in the scope of nature and science. They’re placing us not simply as observers of the natural and scientific world, but as a part of it.

To introduce us to the incredible work the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is doing, we turn to one of our favorite YouTube Channels The Brain Scoop as they make a field trip to see the museum in action!

We’ve paired this video with thought-provoking discussion questions perfect for the classroom in this touchstone on our education platform, EWCed!

What do you think? Would you want to be a part of a museum?

I love this concept because it plays a vital role in reminding us that we are just as much a part of science as any species we are studying. It also spotlights that museums exist not only to sit stagnant for us to walk through, but as living and growing institutions that are there to educate, excite, and help expand our understanding and curiosity.

How much more engaged could visitors of all ages be if we adopted this view of museums?

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


Follow your curiosity!

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