Take a moment to look up from this screen and glance around your environment (seriously, right now). Chances are that hundreds of colors just met your eyes…but how much do you actually know about them?

Image: Radiating pattern of color

Source: Max Pixel

It’d be silly to say that we all see the world in the same way. The colors that each of us are able to perceive depend on the wavelengths of the visual light reflected off of surfaces and how our eyes and brain are able to translate them. 1  So, your red may be different than their red, or maybe you simply have no idea what everyone’s talking about when they say “red”. All of these perceptions are invisible until we make them known to others, but have we all been falling for these various light tricks?

CNN Colorscope is a series that examines the colors that are seen in our world as they actually are and looks at how they’re associated throughout cultures. These videos may be short, but there’s so much information packed in that you may discover something new!

Here’s a small taste…

First up, to understand how how world misleads us: Blue

Via: Moth 2
It’s a little mind-blowing, right? Click this link to go to their full article on the color blue and how we perceive the color of someone’s iris! (No, seriously, click on it. You won’t regret it!)

Next: Purple

Via: Buck 3

 Lastly, the color of life itself: Green

 Via: Jr.canest 4
You can discover more about how we see each of these colors by clicking the name of each one above their corresponding video! You may also be wondering, “what about the others?” Thankfully, this is a running series, so they’ll be continuing to add additional colors as time passes! But as for now, if you’d like to learn more about red, yellow, black and white, you’re in luck! Each video comes to life from the imagination of different animators, and you can explore and stay updated on the entire CNN Colorscope series by clicking here!
Armed with this information, I’m seeing my world in a completely different light! Stay open and happiness may remain nearby!
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