Have you noticed how our search for happiness is a kind of roller-coaster?

What if the goal was not happiness, but a far more reliable and even more rewarding path?

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Across the globe, our circumstances differ wildly, but we have all experienced what it’s like to be struggling to find happiness. Things seem to get in the way constantly: our finances, our knowledge gaps, our location, lack of connections, or our own body and mind. It’s sometimes hard to simply keep going when happiness appears to be over the horizon, somehow just out of reach.

And how do we make all of that effort actually mean something? Here’s a few words of wisdom from the wonderful, almost radical, concept that today’s EWC thought leader has to share with us:

“You won’t change your story overnight, it can take years and be painful. After all, we’ve all suffered and we all struggle, but embracing those painful memories can lead to new insights and wisdom, to finding that good that sustains you.” – Emily Esfahani Smith

It seems we’re all on some journey to find our own happiness…but what if we reworked that journey to find meaning instead? Let’s give this insightful TED Talk from Emily Esfahani Smith a listen to discover a different route in order to feel a bit closer to what most of us are going through the motions in search of.

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What do you think? Could the four pillars Emily Esfahani Smith referred to be applied to the path you’re on in some form?

You can learn more about Emily and her work by visiting her website, emilyesfahanismith.com

Now, I usually sign off with the hope that if you remain open, you’ll find your own happiness, but after listening to this talk, I hope that we all remain open to find some meaning instead.


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