Let’s face it, we have all found ourselves avoiding the things we should be doing and falling into a trap of procrastination. So, why do we find ourselves procrastinating? And is it that bad?

Okay, so spending hours binge-watching a television show is probably not going to have a positive impact on the quality of work you do in a day, but there are ways that letting your mind wander can lead to improved outcomes!

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First, let’s start with why. Why do we procrastinate so much? Why are some people chronic procrastinators? I know it has certainly taken me far too long to finish writing this article!

To give us a great, easy to understand, explanation of the neuroscience behind this procrastination, here is one of our favorite YouTube channels, BrainCraft.

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Becoming a productive procrastinator…

Now that we know what’s going on up in our brains when we fall into the cycle of procrastination, perhaps we should ask if procrastination is really all that bad?

In fact, there are studies to suggest that there is such a thing as productive procrastination. So, maybe your YouTube habit isn’t as bad for you as you thought! Here’s BrainCraft one more time to show us some ways to make our procrastinating ways work to our advantage!

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So, there you have it, procrastination–in moderation–can be a valuable tool!

It’s important here to point out that no, putting things off consistently is not the best means of increasing productivity. As they point out, the best forms of productive procrastination are simple and avoid ego-driven content like Facebook or Instagram. In fact, one of the best ways you can productively procrastinate is simply by going for a walk!

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Whatever your preferred method of productive procrastination, this is one of the many great cases where knowledge can give us the power to overcome our ingrained habits and tendencies. Now, armed with the knowledge of why your brain procrastinates you can take your procrastination to the next level and make it work to your advantage!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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