“How can we create places that are poetic and practical at the same time?” – Daan Roosegaarde

The quote above is from a TEDx speaker we’d like to shine a light on today: Dutch artist and innovator, Daan Roosegaarde. Born and raised in the Netherlands, he grew up exploring a “natural” landscape that was entirely created by man. (As you may know, about one-third of the country is below sea level, so some of the landscape is highly unnatural.) This curiosity may have helped Daan develop a fascination for nature and technology, specifically how they can come together. 1

Studio Roosegaarde, his social design lab, focuses on creating experiences inside our everyday environments, bringing attention, thought, and interaction to places that are often overlooked, and most importantly, developing a world where sustainability is seen as beautiful.

This fellow is taking us all to places we could never go without him! Take a look!

Via: TEDx Talks  2

Think about your own community. Now that you’ve seen what can be done with a simple sidewalk or a life- saving connection between air pollution and jewelry-making, what is the potential there?

Here’s a little more wonder with these amazing innovations…

While you’re browsing through the following selection of some of our favorites, ponder the following question:

What effect could these innovations in advanced technology have on your life and your community?

To extend that, do you happen to live in a place where people often go about their day with their heads down, frantically trying to defend their eyes from contact with another person? If these installments were around, do you think your community would become more social?

What kind of effect could a glow in the dark bike trail have? Would you notice more of what’s around you? Could we all become happier as a whole? Would it help you appreciate your location? Is it too much?

Let’s take a deeper look into a few of Roosegaarde’s amazing installments.

Smart Highways



Via: Roosegaarde  5

You can explore more of these mind-bending, interactive projects by visiting their website!

Seeing artists work in this way is a reminder that we aren’t going to grow any further as a civilization if we keep going about everything the same. That’s not the mentality that got us to where we are.

“Waste can be the enabler, the matchmaker, a motivator to create.” -Daan Roosegaarde

There are so many people out there trying to make this world even more beautiful and inspiring every day. Stay open to these possibilities!


Looking for a little more wonder today?

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