Are our problems growing faster than the number of problem-solvers out there? Maybe not!

Today we point you to a place where thought leaders share their insights as ordinary people and inspire us all: The PopTech Conference . And the best part of our adventure today is that we all have a chance to “attend” through the PopTech Vimeo Channel!

That’s a great quote from the PopTech stage, because Alexa voices a theme that seems to run through the culture of PopTech. It’s a “Try thinking about it this way…” kind of culture, that celebrates insight from novel angles.

And everyone who finds their way into the PopTech orbit comes away transformed.

The Ever Widening Circles (EWC) team will soon attend the annual PopTech Conference in tiny Camden, Maine. PopTech’s venue is the exquisitely restored Victorian Camden Opera House, a block from the harbor. There, four hundred people –  presenters and attendees – gather each year in mid-October for 3 days of insight, wonder and innovation. The best part is the informal think-tank culture and familiarity that emerges for both presenters and attendees (many, who are innovators themselves.)

Let’s start with a brief but fabulous mash-up of some of the presentations from last year. It will give you a great feel for the scope and reach for the edges of possibility:

Via: PopTech 1

This will be our third year, and we can’t wait to bring the wonder back to share with you here in future articles. Here’s a quote that seems to sum up our experience with PopTech:

“The beginning of our happiness lies in the understanding that life without wonder is not worth living.”
― Abraham Joshua Heschel

Today, we’ll share a few of the shorter talks with you (each is about 5 minutes), just to give you a taste of the insight and innovation being celebrated. But the best thing to do is to dive into the PopTech Vimeo Channel. Like our topics here, their videos cover everything under the sun in a thoughtful way!

So let’s give you a great little random taste of the talks at PopTech.

We’ll start with a talk we saw ourselves last year. I’ve noticed this speaker’s insights in my own behavior and the behavior of others ever since. Great fun!

Via: PopTech 2

Next up, we change the subject entirely and get some insight into a great innovation in the way people around the world have access to money. Sounds boring, but it’s not!

Here’s a real eye-opener with such a positive twist…

Via: PopTech 3

Interesting! I had no idea how the western monetary system shut out much of the world.

Seems like scarcity is almost always the mother of invention!

In fact, one could conclude that PopTech was born because of a scarcity of support and recognition for innovators 20 years ago. They’ve become so much more than an annual conference.

It’s a marvel to see each of these projects stand as a multiplier to the others.

Let’s take one more taste of PopTech: this piece offers up a fabulous innovation in healthcare that could improve outcomes by 70% all over the world!

Like so many presentations at PopTech, this one leaves you with so much faith in the power of possibility.

Via: PopTech 4

Fabulous, huh? The PopTech vimeo channel is like a work-out for our hearts and minds!

PopTech has a completely unique vision of the way we work with innovation. They see themselves as a true “community.” The vimeo channel brings us into that worldview with ease as their speakers are so carefully curated. There are topics that may feel like a stretch for you, but that’s the point of innovation. If you are curious, optimistic and open to a world of possibility, you almost can’t go wrong. Even if a topic doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, try it!

You will always learn something and come away expanded

The genius of PopTech

PopTech, as an institution, is very unusual. Here’s what they say about themselves:

We create intimate, peer-level gatherings where participants can share their most provocative questions and their most promising new ideas, and begin to work together on new approaches to some of the world’s toughest challenges. In so doing, we constantly seek out the ‘genius in the white spaces,’—insights that can only be discovered when people from very diverse disciplines come together, and concepts from one field are ‘mashed up’ with those from another.

Now that we’ve written over a thousand articles on insight and innovation, we’ve noticed that the mindset they describe seems to be a recipe for success. Over and over, we’ve featured thought leaders who are open to combining things that no one ever thought to connect. And they tend to gravitate toward environments, like PopTech, that welcome and nurture that sort of thinking.

That kind of mindset might be something to consider even when we are, as individuals, at the edges of our understanding:

“Talk to people that make you uncomfortable.” – Alexa Clay

What would a world look like where we all tried to do that a little more often?

Stay open, curious and optimistic.

~ Dr. Lynda


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