We tend to think that the “tools” of science are expensive, shiny, instruments made of metal and glass that are to only be touched by the most skilled experts. So what happens when that mentality is completely disrupted by… paper?

Yes, paper is changing the way people engage with science, medicine, and curiosity by putting the life-changing tools of science into the hands of people across the globe!

If you are a long time reader you probably remember an article we wrote a while back about the Foldscope, a remarkable microscope made of paper that makes seeing the microscopic word in an affordable way a possibility for children, health workers, and curious minds across the world.

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How Paper Microscopes Can Change the World

The Foldscope is a nearly indestructible paper microscope that costs less than a dollar to manufacture, and it is changing the future of education and medicine in developing countries. Here's its incredible story...

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Since we shared that article with you, the laboratory that developed the Foldscope, lead by Stanford Professor Manu Prakash, has continued developing low-cost scientific tools made of accessible materials and expanded their reach even further out into the world!

As we looked into one of their newest innovations, a remarkable paper centrifuge that takes inspiration from one of the oldest toys known to history, we found a marvelous TED Talk from Manu Prakash that left us reeling in the wonder and possibility of his work.

We believe this is the kind of thinking and inclusive innovation that certainly proves that it’s still an amazing world…

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Making Science Accessible!

Now that is thinking that will change the world!

Science isn’t just for an elite group of lab coat clad individuals secluded in the depths of university science departments. Science is at its most powerful when it is put in the hands of the most curious. We solve problems far quicker when the most passionate people have the resources needed to let their curiosity flourish.

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Thought Leaders!

Think about it, the next generation of thought leaders is sitting in a classroom right now! How will we inspire them, and make sure they can explore their passions?

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If we raise a generation of scientific minds from every corner of the globe and give them an “Oh my god!” moment of their own, who knows why they will discover! If we stop believing the myth that “good” science is done only by the most elite, we miss out on the potential our there to save and change lives all across the globe.

Learn more about the Conspiracy of Goodness happening around the world by clicking here!

The power of “Frugal Science” lies in its ability to unlock potential and open up possibility in limitless ways. Imagine a future filled with this kind of scientific accessibility.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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