It’s rare these days that millions of people from all walks of life get the opportunity to share in a monumental collective experience.

Luckily for us, a few weeks ago on August 21, 2017, people across the United States were collectively moved by one of our planet’s most incredible phenomena.

Image: the diamond ring effect on the sun caused by a full solar ecipse

Source: Pixabay

In a country, during a time that can feel so deeply divided, for one day the United States was brought together by a total solar eclipse. It even came to be called the Great American Eclipse. The eclipse was within a day’s drive for the vast majority of Americans, and it consumed the media and the collective consciousness of the nation. Millions traveled to be in the path of totality, to witness one of nature’s most incredible and beautiful events.

On this Saturday Around the World addition, we are traveling across the United States, taking a few minutes to bask in the power of the eclipse with a beautiful short film from NPR.

Via: NPR 1

It feels rare that we get the opportunity to share in a positive collective experience. So often our collective experiences are centered around tragedy, and yet in the case of the eclipse, nature brought the population of the US together.

It gives me so much hope for the world that millions of people found such joy and awe in a wonder of science. Though the eclipse meant something different to each person who witnessed it that day, it’s hard to overlook the profound impact it had on all people from various backgrounds. People were moved strongly and collectively by a solar eclipse, which speaks to a depth of connectedness we can work toward reaching more often.

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The afterglow of the Great American Eclipse has dissipated, but the awe of our place in the universe and the profound impact it has on us as a collective should not. Despite what happened in the news after or before, we are still the same people, who for a day, were capable of finding connection with each other and celebrating the wonders of our planet.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


“It lets you see where we sit in the cosmos…”

For those of us who weren’t there first-hand (like myself), or for those who want a quick refresher on what happens during a total solar eclipse,  I thought I would add a little bonus video here with this great video from Vox explaining why, exactly, this all mattered.

Via: Vox 2

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