If we asked you to name the most revolutionary vehicle in the world, would your first thought be  Tall Bikes?

Maybe it should be the first thought for us all!

By the end of today’s article and video, that assertion will make sense and you’ll be bursting into your day with a new sense of possibility!

Today at Ever Widening Circles, we will take you on a  journey to a place where you can still find some of humanity’s best instincts thriving:

  • ole fashioned ingenuity
  • the thrill of a challenge
  • healthy adrenaline rushes
  • the promise of sharing pure wonder with others

Turns out, there’s a community of people most of us never knew existed –  all Tall Bikes enthusiasts – and there’s so much here to inspire each of us personally.

Here’s a quote from one of these bike-building thought leaders in the video we are pointing you to today:

“Tall bikes could be an inspiration for anyone. Not necessarily to ride a tall bike, but to do something a little more fantastic in their life, and bring that kind of focus to everyday life!” – Will Zenga

After discovering this insightful and totally fun video we are pointing you to today, I was walking with a spring in my step from the shear possibility it holds out.

What else could be hiding out in unusual places?

Get comfortable, and let this one wash over you. (This video has it all: humor, stretches of breathtaking videography, and a thought provoking story.) Let’s dive in…

Via: Red Bull 1


What if we could discover pure joy more often; at no one else’s expense, and with no particular purpose; even add a sense of wonder to other people’s day?

And what if some of these “foolish” and joyful things, turned out to be ridiculously practical and revolutionary?

Hmm? This is probably the way innovation has always worked.

Think about it: this model of “play and curiosity” at our leading edges has been a great recipe for thought leaders since the dawn of human history.  I could imagine the discovery of the wheel, musical instruments, or the telescope to have propagated much like that!

And like most great movements, this one seems to be starting with a tiny gathering of fearless, creative, ordinary folks: in this case art bike enthusiasts.

No doubt their story points the way to a meaningful path for enthusiasts from other fields.

It looked like they began to really flourish when they took the concept out into the wider community, using this unique hobby to raise money for charities while sharing their sense of wonder with people on the street.

A better world? Probably so.

Who & How

Perhaps we should also celebrate the way these enthusiasts open new doors for others. Remember when one of the founders of this group said, “We figured out how to weld and taught it to others the next weekend!” That instinct for sharing is also a hallmark of most of our greatest innovations.

How many kids today know how to work with tools? The answer is probably, “most do not.” And, yet, there’s an empowering component to realizing that you can flip things upside down and re-purpose them, even if you don’t come from a “farm boy” mentality. Sharing the wonder of tool use can be a minor miracle.

Here, again, we could probably find this kind of self-discovery in so many emerging “hobbies” out there. And the best part is that this kind of learning is like coming alive, finding out a whole new world is open to you!


First there are the practical answers to “Why?”, and many are also a hallmark of some of the best innovations:

Did you notice how many functions these bikes can have?

They can be broken down to be able to travel: fit in the trunk of a car, or take on an airplane. The undercarriage can carry a passenger comfortably. And of course, with the center of gravity so low, they have the right physics to carry a lot of cargo! Using this for camping, you can carry all your gear and be fully self sufficient. It’s like having a horse! This might be the best bike to go to the grocery store with!

And as to the emotional answer to “Why?”

I guess I never realized that focus is a form of emotional high and when called upon at a certain level, it’s sure to cause an adrenaline rush.

But the “why” that appealed to me most was that riders said repeatedly that it feels like flying, and they wanted to stay in the air. I can see that.  (Revisit that special part of the video at 8:42 and another at 15:00.)


Yes, it’s not much of a stretch to see how the principles involved in this tall bike movement can apply to many innovations to come.

We’ll have to stay open, resist the urge to label things as “foolish”, and welcome the ideas of those on the fringes who are lifting others up.

Lastly, we’ll have to be optimistic and believe in impossible things!

“I’m a little baffled. I’m going through DaVinci’s sketches and I’m just not seeing it there. He has helicopters and other designs, but this has just not been revealed yet.” – Benny Zenga

A special thanks from Ever Widening Circles (EWC) to the Zenga Brothers, who are working in the gap between design and sport.

Stay open, curious and creative yourself!

~ Dr. Lynda

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