Imagine if you could clear your mind, be happier more often, and reduce your stress levels, without any financial investment or very much time!

Would you give it a try?

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Today, we’re talking about a new angle on meditation. No, we’re not going to get all “spiritual” on you! What we are pointing you to today is an approach to meditation that all of us can gain from; even if we don’t consider our-self a “meditation person”.

I know; most of us have tried meditation once or twice without success, perhaps even falling asleep, and then we moved on to other stress relieving measures, but we are taking you someplace new!

Let’s start by wiping the slate clean of our assumptions. I know, for a lot of people, the word meditation brings to mind images of people sitting quietly in funny outfits, but that stereotype is disappearing fast in our rear-view mirrors. In fact today, we have a couple of amazing videos to show you what most of us are missing!

The videos are from a great YouTube channel, Happify, a place we recommend you give a look if you enjoy these videos.

To start, let’s dispel some myths about meditation…

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Meditation 101

Maybe now you’re a little more convinced that meditation isn’t for some “spiritual elite” or that you have to be a spiritual person of any kind to give it a go.

So, where do you head next? Well, why not learn how to meditate for yourself?

Again, even if you already practice meditation, this next video is a wonderful reminder of how to “get back to basics”.

Alright, enjoy some meditation 101.

Go ahead and give yourself five minutes to practice!

The first part of this next video is the unanimated version of the previous video, so jump ahead to the 1:22 mark to get your meditation started!

How did it go?

If it was your first time meditating like they said, don’t worry, you aren’t going to have mastered this your first time around!

It’s been six years since I first tried meditating, and that first time was a disaster. Our teacher made us start with a fifteen-minute meditation, and I was uncomfortable, hot, sweaty, and completely distracted. The next day I tried it again, and it was still just as miserable, and so was the next try. After a week’s worth of attempts (luckily I was learning as a part of a class or I would have given up) I was able to hold my attention for just a few minutes, and I remember feeling like it was the greatest win!

I tell this story to say that there isn’t a way to “win” at meditation. It’s all about the practice. Starting small, with just five minutes, can give you a great place to begin. Think of it as a time you get totally for you in your day. A moment to not feel stress just to relax.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some food for thought today, maybe even give you a new tool with which to take on the world!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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