Virtual Reality isn’t just taking us to new places! Very soon, you’ll consider VR a bridge to the best parts of your past!

Most of us automatically jump to the idea that this system is used purely for gaming purposes, but what if we told you that it’s currently being utilized in nursing homes to increase the quality of life for the older generation? Today, we see this in action.

“You’re getting to relive a moment in time that you’ve had in your life that you can no longer access because you can’t get there physically. It’s really great to be a part of empowering someone with happiness and joy, that’s amazing!” — Nathan Windsor

What kind of window will the ability to explore anywhere in the world (or out of this world!) from the comfort and safety of our homes open?

Paul Hairston, of Acres production put together this video titled Leo and Laura that showcases the beautiful way this technology can impact someones life. Check it out…

Via: Paul Hairston 1 and produced by Acres 2

So, after watching this video, what are your thoughts on the possibilities of these virtual reality systems?

We now have the ability to safely “be” anywhere or do anything that we’d like from our home, but do you think this will be a positive advancement for the human race?

Image: Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Viewer

Source: Maurizio Pesce // Flickr Google Cardboard is a more affordable virtual reality option, with some editions coming in at just $15, opposed to other systems that are in high hundreds!

Could it be possible that this technology will lead us all to become shut ins living in a virtual world on our couches, or will it actually inspire more people to get out there and have new real world experiences since they now have a better idea of what will be in store for them? And how will it effect those of us, like Leo and Laura, who for any variety of reasons don’t have the ability to go out into the world and physically have these experiences? For example, how would someone in a wheelchair feel about virtually walking through a city? Or climbing a mountain?

While you’re thinking on that, check out our past article to learn more about how the technology behind virtual reality systems actually works and hear more hands on experiences!

28 minutes

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Keep yourself open to new possibilities and happiness will stay near by!

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Here’s the actual reality…

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