Now here’s a novel partnership: Airports are teaming up with honey bees to detect pollution through pollination!

As you may know, the pollution rates around the globe are way higher than they should be, and continue to rise due to the emissions pushed out every day. 1 But now, with help from one of the planets most efficient pollinators 2, we have the ability to utilize nature itself to monitor how we’re affecting the quality of air surrounding us!

The Frankfurt Airport in Germany (and a handful of other airports throughout the country 3), have been teaming up with bees to monitor how and if their various equipment are contributing to the pollution levels in their areas.

Thankfully, the Smithsonian has put together this awesome video for us to learn how bees are helping the world past pollination!

If you’d like to dive into their bio-monitoring program a little more, give this a listen!

There’s even another level of wonder to this!

It’s been reported that the bee population around the world is struggling to remain intact due to various health challenges. 6 This is a huge threat to the continuation of the many natural plant species that depend mainly on the honey bee to spread their pollen, which in turn, has a threatening effect our own ability to survive.

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By utilizing bees to detect pollution levels, the airports are providing them with a space that doesn’t have the threat of being destroyed or sprayed with pesticides. Therefore, helping them survive! It’s pretty cool, right?

It’s amazing how something so small can affect the world in such a  monumental way!

Keep yourself open to new possibilities and happiness will stay nearby!


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