“This is just to say thank you for what you do. The Ever Widening Circles is such a brilliant idea to offer alternative views to & insights into the world we live in; to show the world & to constantly remind us that beauty still abounds and love is still what defines life.

Since I discovered EWC last week, I’ve been spreading and sharing it around me. Keep up the good work!

Lovelots from a little spot of paradise in Belgium.”

This wonderful EWC fan makes a couple great points in that short message. First, she recognizes that the best-informed minds will have a balanced worldview. As she points out, EWC gives people choices about what they pay attention to.

We also love that she recognizes EWC is all about “beauty”; the beauty of life-changing technology, the beauty of nature, the beauty of human ingenuity and generosity, and most of all, the beauty of discovering that possibility is all around each of us!

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Rediscovering Wonder with Janet Echelman

Can we rediscover our sense of wonder and reshape the way we envision our world? After watching this TED Talk by the incredible artist Janet Echelman, the answer is, most certainly, yes!

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Most importantly, this EWC fan points out that this project is all about creating a community around sharing insight and wonder. So please, share us with the people in your life. The more we grow, the more the mass media will be compelled to give us more positive news! Everybody wins!

9 minutes

How Our Clicks Shape Our World

We hardly ever think about the ways the media we consume affects us, or the power we have when it comes to dictating what we all learn from in the news. It turns out, we have more power than we think when it comes to deciding how positive, balanced, and worldly our media is!

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