“Hi There, Real person here!

I stumbled across your website today when looking for ways to inspire my teachers. I am a teacher, artist, nature lover, and foodie. Born, raised and residing on the tiny island of Bermuda.

As I say I stumbled, and I am happy I did. I am a trained preschool teacher who has worked for educational charities.  Some days it is hard to see the good in the world but it is there if you choose to see it.” 

We loved this message for its authenticity! I answered back, “Hi there, back at you, from a real person here at EWC!”

And yes, we will always have a real person responding to “real person” inquiries at EWC, no matter how big we get. Our goal is to form a community around this concept of sharing insight and innovation. That requires a commitment to connection, which is one of our founding principles. We are real people at this end of the contact us page.

Reach out. Give us feedbackSend us links to content ideas. Join us as a volunteer!

Lastly, wouldn’t it be great to have a world full of teachers who want an expansive worldview for their colleagues? For a great article about the power of a great teacher check out this EWC favorite:

9 minutes

Rita Pierson was a Champion for Every Kid

Enjoy an inspiring, funny and remarkable talk about the education that every one of us wishes we had. What a wonderful insight! Take a look...

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