“I have to say, ever since we met I have really been enjoying EWC. Especially given the last week’s events in our country – your site is a welcome respite and a great reminder of the good that still exists in humanity.”

This is a message we received the week after the infamous white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 13, 2017. You may remember that there was nothing but racial tensions in the news for a week!

This inspiring comment came from the personal assistant of a world famous thought leader who we visited at his lab just a couple weeks earlier. She and I met and seemed to instantly “recognize” some deeply shared sentiments about the world and possibility. What a gem she is, and how lucky this fellow is to have her taking care of business.

Christine echoes a common theme in the comments we get frequently. Namely, we seem to be a refreshing alternative to the 24-hour news cycle. We are delighted to fill that role in the media landscape and that’s why we are so careful about checking and citing our sources. Furthermore, we want to be the trusted and credible place people turn for meaningful insights and wonder.

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On a side note: if you’d like to see a fabulous article that will expand your worldview about the troubles in Charlottesville, we happen to have written one some time ago that is suddenly very relevant!

57 minutes

Congressman John Lewis and the Art of Disciplined Nonviolence

Today we introduce you to a remarkable place to listen to some of the most interesting people on the planet. I never miss a weekly podcast called OnBeing.org, with host Krista Tippett. In this podcast she speaks with the extraordinary John Lewis, a key player from the Civil Rights movement in America's 1960s.

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