“Waking up each morning in Cairo, Egypt to read your uplifting and interesting messages has really been a gift for me. Thank you so much for making my day happier and more informative about facts, actions and ideas that make our world better and connect us in the best possible way.

I work for a non profit organization Tree lovers Association and try with others to conserve and promote our urban natural heritage by advocacy programs and campaigns . Every step in the right direction matters for our collective future.”

We frequently get lovely messages like this from people who are working in the nonprofit world all around the globe. EWC seems to resonate deeply with people who are already serving others or working in fields that make the world a better place.

Perhaps they are the most discouraged by the overwhelming negativity of the 24-hour news cycle because they get up every day with hope in their heart, or possibility swirling through their thought processes, only to find that their worldview is under siege.

These folks are people championing great causes and scientists, teachers, healthcare workers, community volunteers of all sort, Boy’s and Girl’s Club administrators, activists, and others. Without their work, much of civilization, as we know it, would undoubtedly collapse.

People who spend a great deal of time in the service of others often already know this is still an amazing world (our EWC motto) because even in the tiny gains, they prove it every day with their pluck and perseverance.

Ever Widening Circles is a place where those instincts are validated and we want to be the place that recharges their batteries, expands their connections and multiplies their efforts!

Haven’t found a cause to champion yet yourself? Join us!

If you’ve gotten this deep in the website here at Ever Widening Circles, you are undoubtedly someone whose curiosity and good intention can change the world. Really!

We are welcoming people who want to make the world a significantly better place. Contact Us and let us know you’d like to help!

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Dr. Lynda is a dentist, artist, global traveler, and philanthropist who looks for potential and shares it with the world. Hear her latest conversations with thought leaders on the Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast--new episodes every Wednesday!