How can we really see that it’s still an amazing world if we don’t have the confidence to actually experience it?

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Have you ever felt that someone may be “better” than you? Have you ever been too nervous to try something new because you feared you’d look like a fool?

If the answer is “yes” to either of these questions, then the video below brought to life by the creative mind of Lazy Chief may be just as beneficial to you as it was for myself. The words written and narrated by Alain de Botton of the brilliant School of Life, hold a unique take on becoming more confident.

Inside of them, you’ll find the genius reminder that, even though we all may go about our lives in different ways, the bare truth of it all is that we’re all just human.

Feeling that boost of confidence yet?

This video is such a wonderful reminder that we’re living in an amazing world because there are people and species out there to meet, places to explore, and history to discover. In order to do any of this, we need to have the ability to put ourselves out there without fear. Absolutely nothing and no one that we’ve featured became what they are without a little trial, error and foolishness along the way.

Your confidence is the key to making your own world a little more amazing!

A few years ago, I found myself standing on top of a cliff overlooking a pool of water, completely overtaken with fear. I knew the pool was deep enough, and I knew I wouldn’t hit the rocks on my way down. So what was stopping me? Well, what if I looked weird while running off? What if my arms flailed? What kind of splash would I make? Would I scream? Would everyone laugh at me? Looking back on this day, I’m now certain that if I had just jumped, the worst thing that would have happened would be that I would look just as, if not less, foolish than I did as I slipped on the slick dirt on my journey back down the side of the hill to watch the rest of my friends have fun.

Would I have had a better summer if I had just stepped off the cliff?

I’ve had to tell myself this time and time again, and it’s slowly been chipping away at my anxiety, so this may help you as well. If you put your focus on not being afraid of what people will think of you and instead, just simply go for it. Do what you desire without being terrified of failure or asking for the things you’d like without the fear of rejection. Then maybe, just maybe, things will work out!

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Acknowledging that you will fail again, you will slip up, you may even be rejected. That’s a completely normal part of human nature for it to happen will allow you to let yourself off the hook whenever these times come. As they said in the video, confidence will rise with the acceptance that we’re all foolish in one way or another! So, go have fun with it — I’m definitely going to try!

Keep yourself open to new possibilities and happiness will stay nearby!


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