When it comes to being the ultimate engineers, humans have to be at the top, right? Well, not really, that award probably goes some incredible insect engineers!

Yes, compared the marvels of engineering ants and termites have been capable of for millions of years, we are far behind the times when it comes to a mastery of engineering.

Over years of evolutionary iteration, these insect engineers have mastered air conditioning, airflow, and “vertical farming” without blueprints, electricity, or even a leader of any kind.

Imagine what would be possible if we could pick up some tips from them! The potential for innovation seems endless.

For a closer look at the marvels of natural engineering, here’s one of our favorite YouTube Channels, It’s Okay To Be Smart.

I watch this and think, what could we learn if we saw nature as an inspiration for our design more often? Compared to evolution, humans have barely begun to scratch the surface when it comes to design. Particularly when it comes to living in a more compatible way with the environment, we have a lot to learn from nature.

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If fields like architecture and evolutionary biology or engineering and zoology were to overlap, what possibilities would we uncover?

As a nature nerd who studied architecture and design, I was always surprised at how little these disciplines looked toward the wonders of nature for inspiration. Imagine our collective future if we didn’t need electricity for air conditioning, if we could grow our own efficient urban farms, if we could conserve water using biomimicry!

These connections are sitting there, ready to be made, if we break down the silos of thought that so often exist between disciplines. Innovation comes at intersections, but we have to be willing to stand in the middle of them to see what’s possible!

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