We are taught from childhood to deal with failures by treating them as character flaws that are to be swept under the rug. But what if we were taught to celebrate them as leaps of understanding?

From the time that we took our first steps, most of us have been rewarded for our successes and admonished (even subtly) for our failures. How has that system stifled our ability to solve problems, take creative risk, or collaborate with others? Where would our civilization be now if we embraced failure, looked for the opportunities in defeat or debacles, and rewarded people for the lessons learned?

Today we will take you on a delightful journey into failure, and renew your sense of possibility when it comes to your own misadventures!

Every single person who has been considered a great mind, artist, or innovator has given something a shot and had it completely backfire on them. They’re only as great as they are now from the process of learning through their failed attempts and giving it all another go.

There’s a museum in Sweden that showcases some of these exact moments of failure! The Museum of Failure opened its doors in June 2017, and inside they feature products that tell the stories of humankind’s not so successful attempts at innovation advancements! They allow the public to look at the products, some of which we’ve tried in the past, and some we’ve never even heard of. Through this, they let us acknowledge, utilize, and learn from the failures, as it’s the only way we’re going to move forward! NBC Left Field gives us a closer look at this unique museum in this short video…

What a great reminder that no one starts off on any endeavor perfectly! Every single one of us stumbles on our path to success, but it’s the select few that take the time to look back who will have the ability to move past it the next time.

12 minutes

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Places like the Museum of Failure put this into light, allowing us freedom from our shame of running with ideas that may or may not work out. Everyone is out there doing it and there’s no guarantee that you will be successful, so you may as well give your idea a whirl. It could work out magnificently! But you’ll never know until you try!

Keep yourself open to new possibilities and happiness may stay nearby!


Failure to end the article…

I just couldn’t stop! Here’s another video featuring a few more artifacts you may find in the Museum of Failure if you ever find yourself in Sweden or at one of their pop up shops around the globe. You can find their schedule on their website, www.museumoffailure.se!

Alright, without further ado…

Via: Skavlan 2

Some interesting stuff, right?

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