What can happen when we knock down boundaries and come together?

Today we’re meeting Dustin Yellin, a sculptor who has had an interesting journey of putting things in boxes. What’s interesting about these boxes is that they may help us break through ones that we’ve been corralled into ourselves…

Image: Close up of Dustin Yellin's collage sculpture Psychogeography 66

Source: Dustin Yellin // Wikimedia

Yellin’s latest project, Pioneer Works, is an art center in Brooklyn, New York that allows people across multiple disciplines to come together and create. It’s here that he opens another box that asks, what could we create for our world if we put our skills together and work towards the same goal?

He gave a TED talk in New York City a few years back, where we get a glimpse inside of his fascinating creative process. It leaves us wondering — could these boxes he’s created allow ourselves to open up to new ways of thought?

Let’s check it out…

*Note: For sensitive ears, there is a quick swear word in this video!

Via: TED 1

This idea he brings up, the one where we’re all in the same box, is so important!

Technically, this Earth is more of a sphere in shape, but we’re stuck in here until who knows when anyways, right? So, why not make the best of it?

Yellin tells us that if we want to survive, we should be working together outside of the borders and limitations that have been set for ourselves in order to create a world that we can all live in. Slowly breaking down these smaller boxes that have been built over the centuries to separate ourselves from each other and the many species that also roam the planet.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re doing. You can benefit from working with someone else and learning from the experiences that they’ve had. When we come together, it’s the combination of thoughts across disciplines and cultures that allow the magic to happen!

Have you ever experienced that?

Keep yourself open to new possibilities, and happiness will stay nearby!


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