We usually think of being bored as something negative, something to be avoided, but you may want to embrace boredom a little more often!

Yes, there are some great benefits to being bored! Maybe it’s time we put down our cell phones and give it a try!

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Today, we are going to show you why we should embrace monotony and let yourself be bored a little more often.

You’ve probably heard the old story of Einstein coming up the famous equation E=mc2 while working a mind-numbing job at a patent office, and while that story isn’t entirely true, the idea behind the legend makes sense.

It turns out that our brains can thrive on boredom, and that allowing ourselves to engage in daydreaming can help us with things like creativity and problem-solving!

Here’s one of my favorite YouTube channels, The Good Stuff, to explain!

There you go! Scientific permission to let yourself be bored, and a great reason to tuck away your screens more often.

When I look at my most creative moments, they do often fall when I am most bored: when I’m stuck in an airport by myself, listening to a particularly boring lecture, in a place where I don’t get reception on my phone, or on a quiet walk. I watched this video a while back, and now I have started to embrace the moments that I get in the day to allow myself to be bored or daydream.

Sometimes, in our “nose to the grindstone” mentality, we forget the power of a quiet moment.

So, maybe the next time you have the urge to reach for your phone when life gets boring, you pause and take a second to let your mind wander. Who knows what great idea you could come up with next!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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