Today at Ever Widening Circles (EWC), we’re learning a little bit more about the animal whose entire existence begs the question: How?

It looks like a mammal, but lays eggs and has poison claws. It has no stomach, feeds its babies milk, but has no nipples from which they might suckle. Because it has a bill like a duck, it often uses rocks for teeth. Yes, “how” is definitely the first thing that comes to mind when we get to know this example of one of Mother Natures’s flights of fancy.

When’s the last time you thought about the platypus? It’s been awhile, we’re sure.

You’ve probably heard of them, and maybe, depending on where you live, a few have even crossed your path. You may have noticed that the platypus does things a little differently than what we’re used to seeing.

Platypus evolution has a lot to teach us about our origins!

They, along with their relatives the Echidna, show us what the early origins of mammal life may have looked like.

Here’s the Smithsonian with more…

The Platypus and Us

Hmm? So we’re all connected by the innate drive to survive on our Earth, and it’s amazing to witness how other beings are making that happen! It seems like life, no matters the complexities of its environment, finds a way.

If we’re more similar to platypus than we may have thought, what else is possible!?

Keep yourself open to new possibilities and happiness will stay nearby!



If you want a closer look at the platypus, it’s strange teeth, it’s poisonous–yes you read that right, poisonous–spines, here’s a video of one of our favorite YouTube creators Emily Graslie from The Brain Scoop, encountering a platypus specimen for the first time.

If only we could all be so excited about our jobs!

*Emily’s encounter with the platypus, in particular, ends at about 2 minutes, but if you want to see how Chicago’s Field Museum maintains its thousands of animal specimens feel free to keep watching!

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