“Only brush the ones you want to keep!”-Dr. Lynda

A smile can say a lot about a person, but did you know that ancient dental remains are some of the best ways to study the history of humanity?

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For most people, teeth are just a part of life, and in their familiarity they become commonplace. Yet our teeth carry within them information about our upbringing, our ancestry, and our ancient past.

As some of the most numerous and telling relics of ancient hominid species, the seemingly humble tooth is actually a remarkable storyteller.

For a closer look at some of the ways ancient dental remains are helping us uncover the mysteries of the past, here is a great video from SciFri!

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As somebody who grew up in a household with two dentists, teeth are something I have always been keenly aware of. I remember watching PBS shows as a kid and whenever the clue that unlocked a secret of the past lay in a tooth I felt a surge of pride and victory run through me!

Now, I know most people don’t get this excited about teeth, but I think that it is so remarkable that we are able to learn so much about the lives of people who live thousands of years ago simply by looking at their teeth.

The ways in which we piece together the distant past are so fascinating. From the discovery of entirely new human relatives, to piecing together what daily life would have looked like in bronze age, archaeology is an incredible field of study. There is so much to learn about, so much to learn about ourselves. Often, from these types of discoveries, I am struck by our similarities. Community, culture, family, these fundamental traits span time.

What a wonderful reminder of our shared pasts, and the collectiveness of our future. It really does put a smile on my face.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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