What if the walls of the city could talk?

Well, they kind of can. The beautiful artwork that citizens create can tell a story; a story of hope and the culture’s history.

Let’s head to the streets of Valencia, Spain to learn more about the people making the city so wonderful, simply by taking a look around the city. Specifically, at its walls.

Gorgeous graffiti covers a lot of the streets; telling the secrets of how the people of Valencia feel, what they care about, and how they’ve processed everything that’s happened in their lives, politically and personally.

This short video from Isabella Cuevas Pierson lets us hear what one of the residents of the city thinks about this art form!

It helps you get to know the culture that you’re in — what they’re fighting for, what they believe in. Appreciating the art of a certain city is appreciating the expression of people who reside within its limits.

Creating art in a city to create hope.

Image: A man on a ladder painting graffiti on a wall

Source: Pixabay

We have one more video for you today from the streets of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. This is one of the most dangerous places in the world, but here, hope is replacing fear on the walls of the city.  One of the artists, Rei Blinky, describes what he’s doing as “[waking] up those things that are missing in people — joy and humor”. Let’s see how graffiti is bringing art and expression back into the lives of the people who need it most!

Check out a few of the other articles we’ve written on how graffiti can affect a city! This man is spreading hope throughout the globe with calligraphy graffiti, this Afghan artist is changing perceptions, and these two men are completely changing the face of graffiti and making it come to life!

Take your time when you find yourself walking through somewhere new again, I guarantee you’ll learn something new! Plus, most graffiti makes those walks even more beautiful.

If you keep yourself (and your eyes) open to new possibilities, happiness may stay nearby!


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