“When the right thing comes along something happens inside of us”

Have you had the feeling that you’re missing…something? Maybe you’ve been scrolling through social media and seeing everyone else find that “thing” that they love, the one that speaks to them, gives them happiness and a purpose, but maybe that “thing” hasn’t found you yet, and if so, have you found yourself giving up?

Think about it, couldn’t your “thing” be around the next corner? Under the next rock you overturn? And if you think you’ve found it, do you think you’re capable of finding joy in something completely different?

If I’ve learned anything from today’s video it’s that it doesn’t matter where you’re at in life, if you keep yourself open to trying all of those activities that catch your eye, your whole world could change. It’s never, ever too late to find something to love.

Now, let’s get to the story….

Here at Ever Widening Circles (EWC), we’re all about showing you how it’s still an amazing world. But how has it managed to stay this way? Well, we believe it’s because of you and everyone else out there trying to do what they love in life. It’s through all of the sharing, support, and inspiration that people who are passionate about what they do bring to our environments.

Let’s meet Fred Nelson, a father who was just trying to get his son involved in something new, but instead, wound up unexpectedly finding his true joy in life!  Thanks to BRIC TV, we have this beautiful video to see how, even later in your life, if you keep yourself open to the idea, there’s always the possibility of finding something new to love!

Your world may surprise you, if you let it.

Via: BRIC TV 1

Wow, by putting himself out there and trying something new he changed his entire world! Now he sees and hears everything around him differently. Those sounds that we often ignore are the ones that inspire him the most. A simple piece of wood is his stage, a pair of shoes brought him happiness, and why in the world would we need more than happiness?

As the opening monolog in this video touched on, what if you were named after what you did? Would you be happy with that outcome? Would you be man-who-sits-on-couch, or person-who-only-talks-about-what-they-could-be-doing-but-won’t-actually-go-do-it? Or would you be more apt to get yourself out there and find what you really love?

How could your own world change if you did?

Keep yourself open to those new possibilities, and happiness will stay close by!

  • Sam
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