What if all the great ideas you need are just floating out there, waiting for you to find them? Perhaps we are loading ourselves down by trying to think too hard, planning and revising too much!

In fact, most of the best ideas in the world don’t come from a daunting level of planning to ensure near flawless reliability. They seem to find us if we aren’t looking too hard elsewhere.

In today’s Ever Widening Circles (EWC) article, we discover why it’s best to find our “sandboxes”; situations where we can play with new ideas, without a plan, and let our best thoughts come together in an ah-ha moment.

This is the kind of thinking that has produced some of the most creative and fun music videos ever made. And our guides today, for this journey into possibility, are the members of the amazing band OK Go. No matter your music tastes, the wonder in their videos is a delight.

They have performed songs while an ingenious Rube Goldberg Machine went through its motions in perfect sync with the music: one take and it was perfect! In another video, they performed on treadmills in a mind-bending way. They made yet another moving about in microgravity, in a reduced-gravity aircraft, an essential part of the creative process.

Their 2014 music video, “The Writing’s on the Wall“, had over one million views within the first day!

We could go on about the kind of radically unique thought process it takes to attract that much attention in a diverse world of music tastes, but it’s best to just let them speak for themselves. ‘

Enjoy this fabulous TED Talk where they explain how ideas find them, and then we will turn you on to a few more articles we’ve written about their work so you can see a few videos for yourself!

Via: TED 1

Now that little window showing part of the video was great, but you have to see some of this for yourself!

One of the earliest articles we wrote about OK Go’s work is called OK Go Does it Again. You can click on that link and you’ll find the Zero Gravity video they refer to in the TED Talk.

The best thing about that article is that we also found a video about the fun they had making the piece, and another that explains zero gravity. Enjoy!

The other Ever Widening Circles article you might enjoy contains the amazing video they played in the corner at the end of the TED Talk. Hop over to our article called OK Go: Wonders Revealed by Slooooowww Mooootion.

Want to see that Rube Goldberg Machine video that we mentioned? Here’s a link to This Too Shal Pass. It’s amazing.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay open, curious and optimistic. There are over 800 more articles here at EWC with thought-leaders like OK Go, changing the negative dialogue about our world!

~ Dr. Lynda

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