They say practice makes perfect, but how do you know if you are practicing the right way?

At some point in our lives, we have turned to practicing to improve our skill or knowledge in some way. In those hours of practice, what was going on in our brains, and were we really practicing as efficiently as possible?

It turns out that becoming better at practicing can have a lot of overlap with teaching us everyday skills like focus and efficiency.

With a few tips on how we can all get better at practicing, and the science of what’s happening in our brains when we take the time to practice the right way. Here’s TED-Ed.

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If only I had known this as a kid, endlessly (and rather incorrectly), sitting in front of a piano!

As I wrote this article I took time to reflect on the things that I “practice” on a daily basis. Recently, I have begun to practice yoga daily, and I certainly continue to practice my writing skills, but I don’t do nearly as much “practicing” as I did as a kid. In a single week, I would have basketball practice, piano practice, art class, singing practice, not to mention the practicing that came with being a full-time student.

This got me thinking, why do we stop “practicing” as much as we grow older? Certainly, we learn that our time is limited, and the duties of life tend to take up our time. If I’m being realistic, I still manage to find time to sit and watch television or surf the web.

The Importance of Life Long Learning!

Engaging in practice, whether it’s a life long passion or hobby, or in taking up a new skill, is an important part of keeping our brains active. In fact, our brains don’t stop changing when we reach adulthood, they are actually capable of rearranging themselves as we age!

I’m going to throw in this bonus video for you with some of the science that may inspire you to remain a life-long learner, and practicer!

Via: SciShow 2

I hope that today’s article has inspired you to take up a new practice, or maybe dust off an old one, or to share these practicing tips with a youngster who is taking up a new sport, instrument, or hobby!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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