What if we told you that the colors we see are not “real?” They are only one version of many realities that our brains can create.

And, oh, what jaw-dropping things our brains can create!

Image: Optical Illusion of a face

Source: Pixabay

Many of the best TED Talks contain amazing insights that leave us completely transformed, but few are as interactive as the one we are pointing you to today here at Ever Widening Circles (EWC).

There is far more than an “ah-ha” moment in the following presentation. Here, with scientist Beau Lotto, we learn how our brains define “normal” and make enormous leaps as they learn moment to moment.

What we think of as “real” may change radically, just as quickly as our context changes.

Is “reality” an illusion? See what you think! (Get ready for some fun!)

Via: TED 1

What does all this mean when it comes to our moment to moment perceptions, our reactions, our planning?

If our brains are just taking in information and processing it to define a new normal, no wonder many of us see some things as “acceptable” and others see the same thing as shocking!

Today’s video may demonstrate that we might see far more than color differently.

It seems our brains have probably been trundling along processing one thing after another and coming up with completely different views of what is real and normal.

Image: Young people in dark glasses questioning thingsOK, if we can’t ever expect to see “eye to eye”, then perhaps we can stop trying to demand that. What if we could use the incredible plasticity of the brain to take the next step: find some things we can agree on, look for the best in situations, consider completely new possibilities.

I’ll have to say, this TED Talk explains a lot.

I guess the next time I find myself at a loss to understand someone else’s point of view, I’ll remember that their view is just one part of the marvel of the human brain!

Stay open, curious and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda

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