What does the smell of freshly baked bread remind you of? No really, sit quietly for a second, close your eyes and pull in a long, deep breath, while imagining the smell of your favorite baked goods.

Are you transported to a time or place?

Today on Ever Widening Circles (EWC), we’re rediscovering the power of our sense of smell, and the important role it takes in shaping our environments every day!

First up, we’ll have a little fun with Sissel Tolaas, a person with a passion for something we all experience and have the ability to be affected by, but rarely notice–our often overlooked sense of smell. This Norwegian artist and scientist goes around collecting scent molecules that, when combined, can create experiences special to a certain place, and bring us there with just a sniff. Here’s Great Big Story with more…

Sounds like our sense of smell is akin to a superpower, if you think about it.

Every single situation in your life has a scent attached to it. Smell has the power to transport us, keep us safe, and even give us unconscious ques about our surroundings. Smelling can be a time-machine of sorts, taking us back to our childhoods through smells like freshly cut grass, our favorite home-cooked meals, and blown out candles.

If you don’t think your nose is up to par, fear not! We actually have the ability to improve our sense of smell! The more we pay attention to what exactly we’re smelling, we’re able to train our brain to remember these moments in life where we create emotional connections through scent.

Check out this video TED-Ed put together on the steps we can take to make our sense of smell even better!

Via: TED-Ed 2

What kind of experience could we have if we take our focus off of what we’re seeing and put it towards our other senses instead?

Smell, unlike vision, has the ability to completely surround and become a part of us, creating a new and very real experience.

As we’ve seen today, we have senses that are just as important as our vision, though they may be a little less obvious. Keep yourself open to new possibilities (and scents) and happiness will stay nearby!

Never let a lilac, your mother’s scarf, a sparkling morning, or a newborn baby get by you without a sniff!


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