What if I were to tell you that there is an animal out there that seems to defy the aging process, is cancer resistant, and is a mammal that lives more like an insect?

If you were to pick what you thought the earth’s most fascinating creature was, you probably wouldn’t even think of the naked mole-rat, but it turns out that these strange creatures are actually one of our planet’s most incredible species!

Now, naked mole-rats may not be the most beautiful creatures. But in studying their many adaptations and unique attributes, we may be able to glean insights into cancer, stroke, and disease prevention and treatment. And this is just the tip of the naked, buck-toothed iceberg when it comes to what makes these creatures so unique!

To get us properly introduce to these remarkable animals, here is a video from one of my favorite YouTube Channels, The Brain Scoop.

The most interesting things can come in the strangest forms. In fact, I have to admit, I passed up watching this video for a year and a half because I thought naked mole-rats were too weird to be interesting. (There’s probably a life lesson to be learned there somewhere.)

We share this planet with some pretty extraordinary creatures. From aardwolves, to elephant seals, to jerboas, to the weird creatures that call the deep sea home, the diversity of life on Earth is truly breathtaking.

In every article we write for Ever Widening Circles, we seek to prove that “it’s still an amazing world”, and every time I find myself in a writing rut all I have to do is turn to nature for inspiration. The natural world is amazing for so many reasons and celebrating every one of its weird corner’s is a wonderful reminder of the possibility that surrounds us!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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