What happens when you take the beautiful art form of origami and apply it to science, engineering, and space?

We’ve all taken a piece of paper and folded it up, maybe creating a card, a paper airplane, or, if you’re really advanced, a swan. Though the act of folding a piece of paper may seem mundane, when put in the hands of a skilled origami master, a single sheet of paper can be completely transformed into masterful works of art.

So, now that you’ve had the smallest taste of the beautiful art origami is capable of, let’s get back to that first question I asked: What happens when you take origami and apply it to science, engineering, and space?

To explore this incredible realm of possibility, let us introduce you to Robert Lang, an origami artist and physicist who is helping to take origami into space. Pioneering a new artistic, design, and engineering frontier.

Here’s the fantastic channel, Great Big Story, to introduce us.

Beauty beyond paper!

I had never thought about it before, but origami really is the beauty of mathematics at work!

If we think of origami in terms of its mathematical origins, it’s easier to see how perfectly this art form can translate to a field like engineering. In fact, this new interest in how principles of origami can inform all kinds of designs has lead to some pretty incredible inventions!

To take a look at just a few of them, here’s Hank Green from SciShow

Via: SciShow 2

The most incredible inventions really do emerge when seemingly disparate fields of study come together.

How much further along could we be we saw the world in greater terms of connection? If we more readily saw the complimentary sides of art and science, looked for design inspiration from nature, or saw dance as a therapy for disease?

There are so many connections out there to be made, so much inspiration to be had.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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