Was Mother Nature paying attention to the “How to Build a Fish” manual when she made this enormous wonder? Or did she just get creative with some leftover parts!?

Image: Ocean Sunfish with diver

Source: Animal Wire

Many of us have thrown a line in the water as a child hoping to catch a small freshwater gem commonly referred to as a “sunfish.”

That creature is not to be confused with the Ocean Sunfish, or Mola Mola, which can weigh as much as a small truck, and dwarf lucky divers who come upon it.

Yes, I use the word “lucky” as the creature is yet another gentle giant that is rare and precious in nature’s crazy design book.

If you visit us here at Ever Widening Circles for your daily dose of optimism, you’ll know that we love to point you to wonders of nature. Even if you are not an “animal lover”, take a look at today’s remarkable web-finds!

They prove that almost anything is possible when it comes to creative designs in the natural world around us!

In doing the research for this article, I found video was extremely scarce so let’s start with one I found on a YouTube channel called Animal Wire

The ocean never disappoints if we are looking for adventure!

Take a look at a wonderful, short personal story from a scientist whose life passion is to study these giant sunbathers…

What a lovely sense of hope and uplifting words from a person on the front lines of conservation! I’ll take her word for it.

I’ve written and edited over 1,000 articles about the possibility that remains in the world, and I tell people every day, “It’s going to be OK! It really is!”

I recommend that people don’t take my word for it, but dig into our articles here from time to time.

We have no agenda except to point visitors to insights and innovations that demonstrate it is still an amazing world.

Feel It For Yourself!

Better yet, follow and support the work of a great cause, take time in every week to do something in your own community that makes a difference to others.

If you love animals, advocate online, like crazy, for one species.  (You can find connections to many here in our articles on endangered species.)  No matter the cause you support, the power of your clicks is measured every day by politicians and corporations. Use them to join others and it can change the world.

Here’s the thing: we can never extricate ourselves from the complexity and connections to nature. No matter how much hubris some demonstrate, Mother Nature exacts her toll and we eventually are forced to admit our folly.

From our research here for our articles, we’ve noticed that one near miss after another seems to be spreading awareness and interest in finding ways to live with nature, not against it.

There’s a lot to be excited about. Dig into our Conservation Category for even more proof!

Conservation on EWC!

Or click here to see even more articles about how ingenious people are changing the world.

Meanwhile, stay open, curious and optimistic.

~ Dr. Lynda


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