A novel perspective can reveal breathtaking wonder in even the bleakest places.

Here’s an amazing man who has explored every patch of sand around the world from a totally new point of view!

Image:desert paragliding

Source: Pexels

“They want to die, but God has not chosen their time.”

That’s what some elders said about the photographers who flew their paragliders into a remote part of the desert in Chad one day.

Since then, and before, there have been high-speed car chases, cheating death in dangerous flying conditions, and meeting leaders of revolutions.

Today on Ever Widening Circles (EWC) we point you to a fabulous video with Nat Geo photographer, George Steinmetz, telling stories of some of his most extraordinary photos.

This video has three gifts for us: the spectacular photography, wonderful good-humor, and tales of adventure.

Take a few minutes out of your busy day to see more proof that this is still an amazing world (our motto here at EWC) and expand your perspective about our planet’s deserts from above!

Wonderful piece there by National Geographic! It’s part of their National Geographic Live Series, where Nat Geo adventurers share the stories of their remarkable experiences.

Want to spend some time with wonderful people who are following their passions? You can drop into almost any of the videos in that series and come away transformed.

Did you notice how funny and authentic George Steinmetz was? That’s part of the magic of these pieces. These folks are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

I suspect they point out that with just a little more courage and curiosity, we all might be able to reveal some new perspectives for others, in our own little corners and communities.

Stay open and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda

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