Imagine one day we found parts of an alien spacecraft, or skeleton of a Yeti, or Bigfoot. How would finding this kind of irrefutable evidence for something once believed to be impossible change the way we looked at the world or at our place in the cosmos?

Sometimes, we are confronted with knowledge that changes our perspective on the world around us.

History is filled with these kinds of great leaps forward, the discovery of fossils, microbial life, evolutionary theory, meteorites all forced us to confront commonly held belief systems and adjust our perspective on the world.

Now if that last leap, the discovery of meteorites, surprised you, I have to say, it surprised me, too. Yes, shooting stars changed the way we came to understand the nature of the cosmos.

The story is a fascinating one, and luckily we have the fabulous content creators, The Good Stuff, to fill us in on this fascinating leap in knowledge. (Check out their website if you want no end to fascinating information about our world, without an agenda and with lots of fun!)

I love this story because it says so much about the way we all commonly form and hold on to our assumptions about the world.

So often, we hold on to our antiquated beliefs or experiences far after they serve us. Or worse yet, craft our world views based on a single perspective.

When something doesn’t fit into our pre-existing understanding of the world, it can be hard to re-calibrate, but re-calibration, sometimes if only a little, is worth a shot.

We don’t have to be talking knowledge of the cosmos here, it’s far more likely that small biases about people, places, and cultures are holding us back.

When knowledgeable people point us in a new direction, it’s important to listen. When new, proven scientific evidence confronts us, it behooves us to change our actions. When the world points us in a more positive direction, it’s worth looking over our shoulder and listening to what they have to say (even if we don’t always agree).

Great leaps open up doors for possibility, and serve more fully expand our perspective on the world around us.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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