Do you know a special place that feels like your “cathedral”? Perhaps there’s a place where you can find exquisite solitude or better yet, silence?

Here’s a fascinating and insightful man preserving something precious to us all.

When’s the last time you were able to sit outside and enjoy the pure sounds of nature without interference from passing cars or air crafts?

This week on Ever Widening Circles (EWC), we’re reminded once again what passion and drive can accomplish, as we meet sound tracker Gordon Hempton. Hempton has traveled the world recording sounds we may never hear again. There’s one he’s worried about in particular–the elusive, pure sound of natural silence.

He believes he’s found the quietest place in the continental United States, and he’s determined to protect it from noise pollution. Great Big Story is here to help us learn more about the square inch in Washington’s Olympic National Park and why we should join him and take action to protect it. Check it out!

Simply going onto the foundation’s website,, was one of the most calming choices I’ve made all week. Just click on the link, close your eyes and listen. I’ve had it open in the background the entire time I’ve been writing this article, and the household cat has joined me, though they seem quite confused and are definitely not as calm as I am.

Everyone benefits from natural silence.  Animals deserve to live in an environment where they aren’t plagued with the unnatural noises of machinery. We deserve to have future generations that will be able to escape their noisy lives and return to the roots; to enjoy nature as it is, without the effect of our technological advances.

They aren’t a foundation that is trying to change the world in a big, drastic way, they’re trying to protect what we all need from time to time–just a little bit of silence.

What kind of world will it be in 10 years? What effect can you have?

I’ll leave you with those questions and the reminder that if you keep yourself open to new possibilities, happiness will stay nearby.


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