Our forests are home to thousands, and the reason we can breathe easy. But they are dwindling in numbers. Fear not, though, as there’s always hope, especially when a passionate team is involved!

Today on Ever Widening Circles (EWC), we’re taking a look at the passion and care it takes to rebuild national forests after disaster strikes.

There are people and programs all over the world with the same goal, however, we’re going to discover how the United States’s oldest federal tree nursery in Halsey, Nebraska manages to grow their trees and how they delivered an amazing 1.8 million seedlings to the Rocky Mountain region in 2016.

Let’s meet Richard Gilbert, the manager of the Charles Bessey Tree Nursery, whose passion is helping to keep some of the world’s most gorgeous forests alive. Here’s Great Big Story with the story…

Programs like this go to show what true passion and dedication can accomplish!

Can you imagine what it’d be like if everyone was out doing what they love?

I challenge you to take a time out every once and awhile and think about what makes you happy. Who knows, maybe you’ll be out saving the world some day too!

It’s a magnificent world out there that has managed to sustain itself for billions of years,  but even the strongest beings sometimes need help. They need us to care, to work, to give them our focus and love. Even if all you’re able to do is give a quick donation, that donation will make it possible for those who are able to be out there accomplish wonderful things.

If you happen to be looking for a wonderful place to donate to, The Nature Conservancy runs a wonderful program, Plant A Billion Trees, where you can give a small donation that will help them reach their goal of planting one billion trees in the United States, Brazil, and China by 2025.

The feeling of helping others is incomparable. It’s a beautiful, strong connection to another being that everyone should strive to feel every day.

Keep yourself open, and happiness will stay nearby.



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