No, this isn’t where artificial intelligence takes over, but instead, where nature has its comeback.

You, like many others, are probably spending hard earned money to operate machines to pump air through your living space to create the perfect temperature.

What if that didn’t have to happen? What if the house did it for you?

Today on Ever Widening Circles (EWC), we point you to the work of an architect with a wild idea that buildings should be for humans, moving for them, not against them.

Doris Sung, the founder and principal of dO|Su Studio Architecture, believes that architecture should accommodate the human. She works by combining two metal alloys that expand and contract depending on the temperature around them, acting as natural ventilation, or breath, for the structure with no additional cost. Their beautiful project, Bloom, that moves with the sun, was one of their first steps on this journey to sustainable features and structures.

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It all looks a little crazy, doesn’t it? I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely looking forward to a time where I can stay cozy while reading on the couch in my living room, and have the blinds just go down by themselves….

Bringing the breath of life into our homes

Instead of searching for the uniform “house” we all know, maybe we could keep ourselves open to new appearances and functions. Sung says that we should be looking at buildings as skin. Our shelters should act as another protective layer that doesn’t shut us off from the rest of the world, but instead, breathes with it.

So I wonder; if we lived in buildings that were more in tune with nature, would we follow suit?

We wouldn’t be able to hide from the outside world behind the solid static walls we know so well.  Instead, we’d see our home adapt to what’s happening in the climate. Would we actually end up noticing the changes happening with our planet every year?

Would we be more inclined to go outside and enjoy what’s offered to us?

Sung has created this functional kinetic art, and it shows what’s possible for a more eco-conscious way of living for the future of humankind, and oh, am I excited to be a part of this world!

Check out more of her team’s amazing work and what’s to come at!

Keep yourself open to new possibilities and happiness should stay close by.



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