Are you still reeling over losing Pluto as a 9th planet? Well, fear not, because you may be able to welcome a new planet into our solar system soon!

Image: artistic image of the sun rising over a planet

Source: Pixabay

Call it Planet X, call it the 9th Planet, the search for another planet at the edge of our solar system has carried on even after we lost Pluto as a planet.

Searching for the 9th planet not only pushes us to explore the limits of our little corner of the galaxy, but also forces us to think about what “being a planet” even means! It’s a hunt that has been going on for two centuries now, has made its way into the fabric of pop culture, and is sure to continue developing.

One of our favorite YouTube channels, The Good Stuff, sheds some light on this search.

Searching for the 9th planet may not seem like a big deal, and sure, a discovery of this kind probably won’t change the day to day workings of most of our lives. Still, this search is really about something much bigger.

The desire to explore the furthest reaches of our solar system carries on a very human tradition. Populating a planet, sailing across seemingly endless seas, pointing telescopes into the distant universe, all of these speak to our shared human desire to keep expanding our horizons. Our success as a species is, in so many ways, spurred on by our curiosity. Our desire to see what’s under the next rock or beyond the next mountain keeps us going.

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