I’m the crazy guy, so you don’t have to be.

– Rob Greenfield

Now here’s a guy who is walking his talk!

Rob Greenfield has biked across America on a bamboo bike twice to support charities and to demonstrate a carefree, waste-free life. He has dove into over 800 dumpsters to find perfectly good food and distribute it to people who are happy to have it.

With an easy going whit and a no lectures approach, he simply points us to possible ways we can each do a little to make the world a better place.

He’s a fun kind of activist!

Here’s what Wikipedia says about his second trip:

He left home with $2,000 in cash, no credit cards, and upon arrival in Madison, Wisconsin donated his last $421 to a non-profit. He then vowed to travel without money the rest of the way to New York City and eat solely out of dumpsters at grocery stores and convenience stores to draw attention to and find solutions for food waste. 1

We are pointing you to his work because I’m thinking that many people might consider him the best kind of “activist”: he’s not trying to change anyone. He simply says, “Take what you can from my experience, to adapt it into your own life.”

And what a fun-loving, reasonable guy he appears to be, even though his main activity these days is dumpster diving. See what you think:

Via: Full Frame CCTV America 2

Interesting guy, huh?

I love the way he just lays it out there and seems unattached to a particular outcome. That’s so rare with people who are committed to a cause.

These days, no one is happy getting 75% – most – of what they are fighting for. Compromise and meeting others where they are is not even in the lexicon anymore. It’s refreshing to see a passionate person leave room for the passions of others.

Rob mentioned going a year without a shower and my curiosity piqued, so I did some research for us all. Turns out, the average American uses 100 gallons of water per day. (Check it out for yourself on a great web page on the government website for the city of Philadelphia. It’s a terrific breakdown as to the details. )

Rob’s goal was to cut that drastically for a year, so he bathed in natural water sources like lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and the rain.

Sound a little crazy, and perhaps smelly, but he proved his point by getting his water usage down to 10-20 gallons per day at home.

Here’s another telling quote:

“We have to be aware of the origin of the things we consume every day, such as water, food, and energy. In this case I wanted to show how valuable water is and inspire people to conserve and protect it”. 3

Liesl as a kid with flowersI love the way he feels he is “showing” us what is possible, and not telling us what we should be doing. It’s a great strategy for understanding. I hope it will catch on.

We need a little more of that kind of leadership these days. Folks yelling at each other does not seem to be a winning strategy.

Oh, and as to the Good Samaritan Food Act: there’s a link to a fabulous article that lays out the specifics if you would like to get your local grocery store involved in giving food to local shelters or soup kitchens.

Stay open, curious and optimistic! There is plenty of good going on.

~ Dr. Lynda

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