Is the wonder of Mt. Everest amplified by the colossal and fascinating forces at work, changing the mountain every single day?

Image: Climber on top of Everest on a clear day

Jon Kedrowsk on Everest, May 2012
Source: Sandra Leduc// Wikimedia,

Did you know Mt. Everest is getting taller every day?

How about the fact that it’s part of a mountain range (the Himalaya’s) that is a much younger mountain range than the smaller Appalachian mountains which run through the Ever Widening Circles home-base here in Vermont?

What determines how mountains get bigger or smaller?

Mt. Everest happens to exist in a proverbial perfect storm of conditions that contribute to its formidable size and shape. The facts are fascinating and made me have a little better appreciation for the impulses of the almost 1000 climbers a year that attempt to concur its summit.

Here’s an entertaining look at the forces at work carving mountains and valleys, right under our own feet, where ever we stand:

Via: TED-Ed 1
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