With all the hype that follows some of our daily news, there is a way to mitigate a little of the trepidation: understand the back story.

Today, we point you to one of many approachable places on the web where you can go when you want to know how things work; especially unique topics related to travel, economics, geography or marketing.

It’s a very interesting YouTube channel that an Ever Widening Circles fan recommended to us; one where we might learn just enough to make a little sense of things.

Here’s a good example: did you catch the news story of a bizarre scene on United Airlines Flight 3411, when a paying passenger was literally dragged off the plane to make room for some airline employees?

What are we to make of that? Can it happen to us? Why do airlines sell more seats than they have?

Here’s a great, timely piece by a YouTube channel called Wendover Productions that gives us the answers to those questions.

Okay, now we know a bit of the backstory.

It doesn’t explain or excuse the mayhem and inhumanity on that flight, but we now know enough to do more than fret over our next flight. We have some background and tips to try to avoid this for ourselves.

Knowledge trumps fear and confusion every time.

Here’s one more example of the good work you will find on the Wendover YouTube channel:

It’s a complex system, isn’t it?

Perhaps that’s one of the takeaway messages here: most things are much more complicated than any of us can ever appreciate fully.

And maybe next time the news media ratchets up the drama, fear, and anger in a story, we can keep calm and look for the backstory.

There are some credible, unbiased sources out there. You just have to look a little harder.

I’ve got another recommendation for you…

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Stay open, curious and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda


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