There are places in the world where a Saturday morning stroll would be indelibly magical.

Here’s the backstory on a small gem that you may have seen snippets of on the web: it’s an island in Japan called Rabbit Island.

The name reveals the magic of the place. It is an uninhabited island completely overrun with thousands of friendly rabbits, eager to interact with visiting tourists that arrive on the ferry every day.

Today’s EWC Saturday’s Around the World article is not going to change the world, but sometimes it’s just nice to know that small wonders do exist, and they are being appreciated and protected.

Here’s a lovely thing the BBC put together:

Via: BBC 1
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Now there’s a great little piece that will bring a smile, and as always, we were still curious. So before we wrap up today’s EWC Saturday’s Around the World, let’s get another angle on this from The Science Channel’s excellent YouTube team. They dive a little deeper.

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~ Dr. Lynda


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