Why should we care if people use the terms “internet” and “world wide web” interchangeably?

Maybe the question with a more interesting answer is “What happens when people use the two in error?”

Image: A photo of a spider web versus a photo of a fishing net

Source: Pixabay // Pixabay

A better question yields a better answer, and we definitely have one of those for you today.

Are you familiar with a very interesting YouTube channel called Vsauce? It’s clear the founder, Michael Stevens, applies himself to the research for his videos. And best of all, Stevens almost always comes at the topics he chooses from refreshingly unusual angles.

We often find ourselves saying, “I never thought of it that way!” So it did not surprise us that Stevens took the “web versus net” concept to a completely unexpected place, and left us pleasantly transformed.

Take a few minute to learn a little about the history of the web, and then contemplate a new way of thinking about “progress.”

Again, he starts one place and then takes us on a completely unforeseen journey! Enjoy!

Via: Vsauce 1

Interesting. I suspect the insights in that video beginning at about 7:30 to the end are worth re-watching.

I did that and found them very compelling.

And what about his example: The very same suits we used to explore the deep sea inspired the designs for the suits we wore into space.

Yep, I suspect the next time I feel a bit anxious about the direction of pop-culture and the rise of the digital world, I’m going to reimagine the way reading books might be considered frighteningly limiting. It’s all in our perspective.

And what of that quote:

“What if cheap laughs, and sappy poems, gossip, and whining, and drama, and selfies, really are the most human things the web has allowed us to do!?”

– Michael Stevens

Hmmm? A few new things to ponder.

Stay open, curious and optimistic.

~ Dr. Lynda

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