Are we on a crash course with disaster when it comes to global population growth? Maybe not. Let’s get a fresh perspective.

Let’s dive into the issue of population growth. It’s not all doom and gloom if we consider the insightful perspective of one of the most prolific TED speakers in history, Hans Rosling. He has done 10 wildly popular and uplifting TED Talks on many subjects, all of which turn common perceptions upside down.

Hans is known for making “data” sing with the way he uses unusual computer graphics to illustrate trends that are much better than the negative news cycle would have us believe.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised after diving into the topic with us. The facts and history are fascinating, and the future may be something we can influence!

First, a quick perspective on how we got to this point from Population Education:

A Positive Perspective of Population Growth

OK, now that we have the scope of things, let’s let Hans Rosling explain the past, present, and future in a way that we can really understand! (You’ll notice this talk was done in 2010, but the logic is just as relevant today.)

Via: TED 2

Lovely. I do feel a bit better! It’s not ideal – in fact far from ideal – but we’ve got something to work with there!

Seems the bottom-line is to continue to educate women all over the world, therefore keeping the birth rate and infant mortality down. Fortunately, those are major areas of focus for fabulous organizations like the Gates Foundation and many more. So we are on our way to affecting change.

Now if you’d like to see more of Hans Rosling’s work, we have a fabulous article that will put a spring in your step. That article features Hans’ most famous TED Talk. It’s called The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen.

And if you’d like to get an overview of all 10 of Hans’s TED Talks, you can find them on his bio page on the TED website. Just scroll down there to find the tiles for each of them.

He has a great mind and his approach is refreshingly insightful.

Meanwhile, stay open, curious and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda

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