What happens when we pause and listen to the people who have gone to the planet’s extremes?

On this edition of Saturdays Around the World, we are going to take several journeys to places all across the planet and hear from the people who have explored them.

From the Arctic to the treetops to the deep ocean, extreme explorers are venturing into territory braved by few to bring back valuable knowledge we can all benefit from!

Here are some of their stories from one of our favorite YouTube channels, Great Big Story.

Not all of us are adventurers, risk takers, or explorers, but it is thanks to people like the ones we just met that we are all able to progress.

Where would we be without the people who push boundaries? Society is constantly learning from those who take the steps just beyond the horizon, beyond what we know is possible.

In our own, sometimes smaller ways, we all have the power to step outside of our known horizons. We can seek connection with new people, we can find new topics of interest, we can branch out to explore new surroundings. And although our small forays into exploring uncharted territory may not bring back groundbreaking data, they will certainly grant us new perspectives!

So, get outside of your comfort zone, and take a moment to learn from some new extremes!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


Oh, the places we’ve gone!

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