What is it about dragons? Since the dawn of human history, they have shown up independently in cultures all over the world.

Most of us have had dragons in our lives at some point: a favorite book series, cartoon character, toy, or computer game. They show up in songs and celebrations as good or evil, and sometimes a complex combination.

But the really perplexing thing about dragons is that they seem to come from something more substantive than our imaginations.

Consider this: How can an animal that never existed be so commonly and similarly described by people thousands of years ago, on opposite sides of the globe?

Turns out there is a fascinating explanation!

And today we’ll let the amazing Kevin Lieber, of the YouTube channel Vsauce2, take us on a fascinating and fun historical journey to solve this riddle.

(This video starts out a little weird. Be patient!)

Via: Vsauce2 1

Well, when it comes to finding an entertaining way to learn a little amazing evolutionary science, cross-referenced with history, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Thanks again to the great team at Vsauce.

And how about that thought-provoking dose of philosophy there at the end? Think about it…

Are you the child, the knight or the dragon?

Stay open, curious and optimistic! It’s still an amazing world.

~ Dr. Lynda

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