Are you resisting the war on gluten and secretly wondering what all the fuss is about?

Today on EWC, we take a look at the wonder in something as ordinary as the latest food trend.

Few people realize that 30,000 years of human history have actually created the problem that some people have with gluten, and the facts are fascinating. We’ll get you totally up to speed on the subject in less than 10 minutes today on EWC.

First up, let’s get a fun and simple explanation of the Gluten issue from the wonderful resource SciShow. As of May 2016, SciShow has over three million subscribers and has 435 million views. There’s a reason for that kind of following. If you like learning about the world in an entertaining way, you will love the SciShow YouTube channel.

Here’s SciShow’s Hank Green:

Via: SciShow 1

Nice! That’s a great overview.

Let’s wrap up our knowledge with a very clever and entertaining video from TED-ed that pairs respected educators with well-known animators. It’s a brilliant way to convey important insights too!

If you haven’t stumbled upon TED-ed in your search for something positive and insightful on the web, check it out. Both TED-ed and SciShow are places that you can get lost in thought, and come out completely transformed.

Now here’s a better understanding of how gluten works or doesn’t work in our bodies:

Via: TED-Ed 2

Now we’re all up to speed on this and we can enjoy our pasta with gusto, or not. No more mystery!

Stay open, curious and optimistic.

~ Dr. Lynda

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