When you walk on a beach or admire the vastness of desert there is much more to the sand beneath your feet than first meets the eye. Those tiny grains are actually some of our planet’s most fascinating storytellers.

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Sand may seem like a mundane topic at first, but it really is so much more than initially meets the eye! Every beach tells the complex tale of its geological history, each grain a chapter waiting to be read.

Beyond the metaphors, really, what can we learn from a grain of sand?

Today we share with you a beautiful (and very up close) look at why sand is so incredibly fascinating if we only take the time to notice it!

Here’s Deep Look.

Via: Deep Look 1

It’s so easy to take tiny wonders like sand for granted!

Sometimes we need a reminder like this to look more closely at the world around us and take a moment to observe its underappreciated details.

Sand is actually the outcome centuries of erosion (and can be a canvas for microscopic masterpieces). Single-celled organisms can be beautiful works of art. Mushrooms can be the technology of the future. Ants have language. Snails can have super powers. A humble squirrel can become a rallying cry for an entire town.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the small wonders we can all appreciate and celebrate on a daily basis.

Awe and curiosity don’t have to be relegated to the grandiose or the overwhelming, they can be nurtured and found each and every day as long as we are willing to look a little more closely.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!



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