Whether you are a Podcast fanatic or have never listened before, today we want to introduce you to the amazing world of Podcasts and share some of our favorites!

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Throughout the month of March, Podcasters have been joining together with the movement #TryPod, to spread the world about Podcasts and share some recommendations. We thought it would be fun to do the same here at EWC!

What is a Podcast? How do I listen to them?*

*If you are already a Podcast veteran feel free to jump ahead to the next section!

First, let’s start off with the basics. For people unfamiliar with Podcasts, let me explain what we are talking about here! A Podcast is (in the most simple and widely understood terms) like a radio show, in that it is a form of audio media. Unlike a radio program, you don’t have to tune in at a particular time to a specific channel to hear them. Podcasts are widely available (usually for free) across the web and can be accessed on lots of different kinds of devices.

Like many people, I access my Podcasts through my phone or tablet using an app. There are lots of apps out there, and I suggest simply Googling “Podcasts apps for [insert your type of device here]” to find an app that will work best for you!

The great think about Podcasts is that you can find one to fit any niche interest you have! They cover everything from philosophy, to languages, to design, to comedy, to pop-culture, to the news! There are limitless Podcasts to enjoy out there. Very often they come in series, so once you have subscribed to one on your chosen app, each episode will show up automatically for you to enjoy!

Finding Podcasts You Enjoy!

It can be a little daunting to dive into the world of Podcasts, and it is sometimes a process of trial and error to find one that you really like. I think I am subscribed to about 50 podcasts at any given time to try them out, but I have about 15 that I regularly listen to. Every day I feel like I hear a new recommendation to dive into!

I have found that the best way to find a new Podcast to enjoy is to either ask a friend for their recommendations (and the title of their favorite episode of a particular Podcast) or to try out the Podcasts advertised on series you already enjoy!

Another great way to enjoy Podcasts is to subscribe to the Podcast version of your favorite radio programs. For Public Radio or BBC Radio listeners, many of the radio programs you already love have a Podcast version of the show available! Listening to the Podcast version of a radio program is a great way to never miss out on content you love. Plus, you can pause it and listen to it at a more convenient time if you need!

Lastly, it’s important to remember that finding a Podcast you can’t wait to share with the people around you is a process of exploration, and trial and error. Many apps let you search Podcasts by category and by rating and listening to a few episodes that catch your eye can help you find a new favorite!

Recommendations from EWC!

Now that we have some of the basics out of the way, we want to share some of our recommendations with you!


Radiolab is the first recommendation I give to anybody looking for a Podcast! It has been a favorite of the EWC team’s now since… well we can’t even remember how long!

They cover topics across the board from science, to history, to neuroscience. Each episode is beautifully crafted with soundscapes that draw you in, and stories that keep you captivated every second. They really are a stellar Podcast!

To get you started here are a few episodes we recommend and have featured here on EWC!

30 minutes

Using Light as a Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease!

Remarkable science alert! Scientists have recently found a therapy for Alzheimer's that uses light to reverse some of the symptoms of the disease!

Read More

47 minutes

Can Animals Communicate Deep Thoughts and Emotions?

Have you ever had an experience with an animal that left you certain that animals have rich emotional lives and thoughts we might relate to very well? Today's feature will make you feel very wise.

Read More

32 minutes

Medieval Medicine for the Modern World

This is the tale of how an ax-wielding nun, a medieval text, and modern science came together to find a cure to one of today's greatest medical dilemmas. Get ready for an incredible story of discovery...

Read More

46 minutes

Kevin Kling’s “The Losses and Laughter We Grow Into”

Good comedian/story-tellers leave us with smiles that transform us forever. Here is a delightful conversation with one of the best. This guy can help us grow into our losses.

Read More

TED Radio Hour

Have you ever watched a TED Talk and wanted to learn more about the person giving the talk? Then you HAVE to listen to the TED Radio Hour!

Each week on the TED Radio Hour, they choose a theme and then share TED Talks and interviews with speakers around that theme. It’s not only a great way to hear more thoughts and stories from TED speakers, it’s also a great way to find new favorite TED Talks!

While they have many incredible episodes to enjoy, here are a few to get you started!

28 minutes

Amateurs Making Our Lives Better: Planning 2017

People who have changed the world often started out as complete amateurs. Some of their stories are absolutely fabulous! Let's give this whole "trying new things" some thought through the lens of remarkable amateurs.

Read More

55 minutes

Why Should We Be Optimistic About Our World?

Looking at the news, it's hard to formulate a reason to think things are actually great and getting better. But here's a podcast that might shift your perspective dramatically! Enjoy!

Read More

52 minutes

Want to Be Happy?

Do you <em>want</em> to be happy? Brother David Steindl-Rast's take on "how to be happy" in his TED Radio Hour podcast on NPR.

Read More


On Being

We frequently feature On Being on EWC, and we only begin to scratch the surface on this wonderful Podcast.

On Being leaves you feeling like the most intellectual person in the room after having listened to them. This Podcast features interviews with prominent religious figures, thought-leaders, poets, political icons, and scientists.

The thing that makes these interviews unique is the beautifully philosophical slant the conversations take. You are not only left with shifted perspectives on the world around you, but also a vocabulary with which to express your thoughts. It really is a wonderful Podcast to pair with a quiet moment.

Here are some episodes for you to enjoy!

46 minutes

Kevin Kling’s “The Losses and Laughter We Grow Into”

Good comedian/story-tellers leave us with smiles that transform us forever. Here is a delightful conversation with one of the best. This guy can help us grow into our losses.

Read More

48 minutes

The Inner Beauty of Landscape

If you are looking for something a little deeper than Facebook video clips and Twitter comments, we have a great recommendation: a weekly podcast that I rarely miss. Give this a listen!

Read More

44 minutes

Gangs, Kinship and Service

Father Greg Boyle has some funny, insightful and amazing stories about his project - called Homeboy Industries! I listened 3 times to this podcast to soak it in!

Read More

99% Invisible

At its heart, 99% Invisible is a design Podcast but really, it is so much more! Every episode leaves you a little smarter and able to see the secret history and language of the built world around you!

After listening to this Podcast I constantly find myself walking around thinking “I know why that is!” about things all around me. Every episode is a delightful jaunt into a world we normally take for granted.

99% Invisible was the first Podcast I fell in love with, and was probably the primary reason I became one of those Podcast obsessed people constantly throwing recommendations at people!

Here are a few of my favorites to get you started!

32 minutes

Space: the Future, the Frontier

Explore the story of a remarkable movement to colonize space spurred on by a spirit of possibility and innovation! Here's a piece of fascinating history that shouldn't be forgotten.

Read More

25 minutes

The Ghost Army of World War II

Have you ever heard of the Ghost Army? This small team of artists, designers, and sound engineers brought to life an invisible army of 60,000 and helped change the course of history!

Read More

19 minutes

Understand the Design of Anything

What if I told you that flags could help you see the world differently? Knowing the principles that go into good flag design can give you some insight into the beauty of the designed world around you!

Read More

Share your thoughts below!

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations and #TryPod for yourself!

It’s very rare that we open up space for comments on an EWC article, but since I am a Podcast fanatic, and because I think that Podcasts are to be shared and enjoyed by everybody, we are making a special exception!

If you have any favorite Podcasts, or tips and tricks for people new to Podcasting (or if you want any recommendations from me) please leave a comment below!

We are excited to hear from you!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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