Let’s take a trip to Hawaii!

This trip may be a little different than your typical Hawaiian excursion. I promise, though, it will leave you the smartest person in the room and give you a little insight you can take with you pretty much everywhere!

On this edition of Saturdays Around the World, we won’t be focusing on Hawaii’s beaches or the beautiful scenery. Instead, we are going to head deep below ground (and even the ocean) to solve a geological mystery.

This mystery not only tells the origin story of the Hawaiian islands, but also a tale of the Earth’s deep history. It’s pretty amazing!

So let’s head to Hawaii with a channel we can highly recommend, Physics Girl!

If you are a frequent Ever Widening Circles reader, you have probably heard me say this before, but this planet is pretty incredible!

I watch something like this and I am reminded of how much more exciting it is to walk through the world when you know more about it! Rocks aren’t just rocks anymore, they are the storytellers of Earth’s history. Mountains, hills, sweeping landscapes, they all have something to say if we learn to read them.

One of the reasons I love writing for EWC and have become so passionate about its mission is that every day I get to learn something completely new about the world around me. I know how more things around me work, I am aware of people doing incredible things, and from that, I am able to have better, more positive, conversations with people on a daily basis.

I’m not limited to just talking about whatever tragic thing is on the news, I am able to engage with more people in more interesting ways! And I think that is the real power of being a regular Ever Widening Circles reader and contributor, you are able to make your day and other people’s days a little more interesting and a little brighter simply by having a new, fascinating thing to celebrate each day!

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Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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